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078 The One with The Waste Water Guy (Part 1)

Nation!  you ask for it, so here it is!  An Episode series on Waste Water. 

Every year the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) offers a training seminar on waste water.  The trainers that donate their time are top notch.  They explain everything a beginner would need to know to begin a career in waste water treatment.  Unfortunately, not everyone can attend these seminars.  So, in an attempt to deliver to the Scaling UP! Nation! a piece of what you get at the that training, my friend Kevin Cope was gracious enough to come on Scaling UP! H2O and take us through a complete survey of a water plant. 

I know this episode will be one of your favorites.  So, buckle up!  Your about to be transported into a water plant though the expertise and experience of Kevin Cope. 



Learning more about Kevin Cope [02:01]  

Complete Waste Water Process [04:38]  

What to do and expect during the Wastewater Survey? [09:44]  

Clarifier [18:04]  

Coagulant & Flocculant difference [19:29]  

Secondary Clarification [24:45]



“To me this is really the essence of what we do at the training at the AWT. Give the folks some kind of idea when they walk in.” – Kevin Cope  

“When you’re going to a plant, ASK! (What are you doing here? What are you trying to remove? What are these equipment used for).” – Kevin Cope


Connect with Kevin Cope:


LinkedIn: in/kevin-cope-5b50651b

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