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172 The One That’s All About Clean Energy

How much money do you think you’d be able to save if you had better information when making daily purchases? I’d suggest that it is a lot. By having better data, we could also reduce our energy consumption and positively impact our environment (and our pocketbooks.) The truth is, we need better information so that we can make better choices. 

Ron Kamen water treatment industry, water treatment, clean energy, carbon footprintOur guest today is Ron Kamen, an expert in clean energy. He believes firmly that making a transition to clean energy is necessary for our future. In today’s episode, we discuss clean energy, ways to save money and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. 

I hope you walk away from today’s episode with some tangible steps to move towards clean energy, save money, and have a positive effect on the environment at the same time.  



James’ Challenge [05:50]  

Introducing Ron Kamen [13:00]  

What are some simple ways to move towards clean energy [19:05]  

Lighting [20:45]  

Air filters [22:08]  

ROI in clean energy [26:50]  

Solar energy [36:27]  

Electric vehicles [47:58]  

What is the most significant barrier people face towards making clean energy choices [24:15]  



“We are all forces of nature. We can have a dramatic impact.” – Ron Kamen  

“Go clean, save green.” – Ron Kamen 


Connect with Ron Kamen:

LinkedIn: in/ronkamen

Podcast: Awesome Earthkind Podcast 

Awesome Earth Kind x ScalingUp! H2O



Links Mentioned:

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Sense Energy Monitor 



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