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221 Raw Materials Supply Chain Update Roundtable

If you’ve been having supply chain issues, you are not alone. 

But you don’t have to solve your supply chain issues on your own.

On October 14, 2021, I hosted a Raw Materials Supply Chain Update Roundtable with Mike Standish of Radical Polymers, Jill Cavano of Scranton Associates, John Zibrita of Zibex, and Gary Garcia of Masters Company- these individuals let us know what they are seeing in the marketplace and shared what we need to do so we can make the right decisions right now. 

Our industry is better when we don’t work in isolation and instead lean into trusted peers. Thank you to everyone who hosted the Roundtable and to everyone who attended. 

We posted the video recording from the Zoom Roundtable conversation to our YouTube channel. If you’re like me and like to put a voice with a name, visit

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Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 

-Trace Blackmore


Connect with the roundtable speakers:

Jill Cavano of Scranton Associates:

Mike Standish of Radical Polymers:

Gary Garcia of Masters Company:

John Zibrita of Zibex:


Links Mentioned:

The Rising Tide Mastermind


Water Treatment education

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