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275 Industrial Water Week 2022: Wastewater Thursday

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What is Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment? How do you describe what you do for a living to those unfamiliar with your field? What are the 4 types of Wastewater? Do you only work in sewers when working in Wastewater (*asking for a friend)? What do you need to know about your client’s water before you meet with the client? What’s the best advice for Jar Testing? I’m asking those questions and more in today’s Wastewater Thursday interview with Dave Christophersen. 

Join me, Trace Blackmore, the host of the Scaling UP! H2O Podcast and Dave Christophersen, as we celebrate Wastewater Thursday together.

Bottom line: Dave Christophersen will introduce Wastewater to students and recent graduates considering careers in water treatment. 

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client.  




Trace Blackmore welcomes you to Wastewater Thursday [00:01]

James McDonald’s Wastewater Story [05:07]

Wastewater Thursday interview with Dave Christophersen, CWT [10:50]

What I wish I knew my first day as a water treater with Shawn McGrade [19:40]

Detective H2O: The Case of Breaking Free [28:44]



“Wastewater is water that has been used for some purpose, and now has some components that need to be removed if you want to reuse that water.’’ – Dave Christophersen

“On my first real Wastewater Project, I learned how complicated it is. I learned that the more complicated the problem was the greater the learning opportunity, which meant the greater the reward was.”  Dave Christophersen


Connect with Dave Christophersen:

Phone: 937.477.7129


LinkedIn: in/dave-christophersen-a3291328 


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