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003 Controllers

Join me as I interview Tom Tinney of Lakewood Instruments.  We explore what you should know about controllers.  Tom talks about basic functionality, advanced functionality, troubleshooting tips and just general information about the controller.

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Die Hard Movies, Can you find the Lakewood Controller?

In this episode Tom mentions several items you should have in your tool bag.  Here they are:

“This is the “cheap” multi-meter that is in all of the technicians bags at Blackmore Enterprises, Inc.  It’s cheap, but it works.”

“This is the one that if it breaks, I would get upset.  It is our “expensive” multi-meter that we have in our shop and check out when we need it”

A short video on how to use a multi-meter:

Here is a decade box for testing your controller’s probe interfaces:

A box of fuses. 

Should work with most controllers, but check for yourself:

Just in case:

Tom classifies himself as the world’s only biker/nerd.  He has written 2 books.  Here they are:

The Blackmore Equation/Method!  No doubt about it, I am a math nerd!  I like to have emphatic answers using the data I gather from the system.  This formula answers the age old question: how do I know what to set my biocide pre-bleed on?  Most of us just simply subtract 200 umhos from the standard setpoint and call it a day.  I think we can do better than that!  So…

If you know the system volume, incoming makeup water conductivity and how much you evaporate every minute, this equation will tell you exactly what to set your pre-bleed to:

Stay tuned for more math like this.  I have written about a dozen equations to help solve water treatment issues using data we already have.

Thanks for listening!


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3 Replies to “003 Controllers”

  1. Hi Trace, great show! As far as the Pre-Bleed goes, I am in the Setpoint minus 3000 umhos camp, but I will STOP DOING THAT! as soon as I figure out your calculation. It’s pretty straight forward except for Contact Time (Min). Do you mean, how long the biocide needs to remain in the system at full strength (ie. Bleed-Lockout)?

    Or do you mean something different?

  2. Great question, I think I’ll do a future Pinks and Blues episode around that! Thank you for listening and if ever you have any show ideas, please let me know.

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