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049 The One with James McDonald, Again

James McDonald, Legionella Awareness Month, LegionellaScaling UP! Nation!, you know that I believe you get out of our industry what you put into our industry.  This is my normal response to when someone asks me why I train others, why I volunteer for trade organizations and especially why I do this podcast. I truly believe that you should teach what you know. Educate yourself and you get smarter, teach what you know, and you get even smarter (because a teacher needs to know content better than a student) and the person you are teaching gets smarter. Did you see what just happened in that scenario? The industry of that particular topic just got better.

My guest today is no stranger to that way of thinking. James McDonald is a champion for the water treatment industry. He is continuously finding new and innovative ways to share information. We had James on the show almost one year ago.  Since that time, he has some new things he has been working on he wants to share with the Scaling UP! Nation!

As we wrapped up 2017, The Scaling UP! Nation! was given the CWT Challenge! This was when I ask every member of the Nation! To take their career seriously and go after the highest designation we have in our industry, the CWT! I am happy to say that well over 100 people have contacted me saying that they had the CWT in their sights. AWESOME!!

I wanted to take a moment and recognize those who have received their CWT this year.


Don’t forget, next week is Industry Water Week

Join me each and every day next week for a special themed episode. 




AWT Convention & Expo [0:00:29]

Scaling UP! Meet up [0:00:37]

Updates from James McDonalds [0:04:46]

What are the reasons to get CWT [0:05:43]

CWT Benefits [0:05:50]

Study tips from James McDonalds [0:07:26]

Holiday for water treaters [0:11:10]

Resources you can find on AWT website [0:15:19]

Industrial Water Science [0:18:24]

Detective H2O Series [0:19:02]

Exciting news about CWT examination [0:33:11]

CWT Challenges [0:36:22]



“CWT is the highest designation that somebody that practices in the area of water treatment to receive.” – Trace Blackmore

“Some exciting news on the CWT exams.” – Trace Blackmore

“A VIP Pass on Detective H2O Series.” – James McDonald

“Some tips and trivia’s on how you can get better resources for CWT examinations.” – Trace Blackmore

“The #1 benefit for taking the test on the computerized format is that you can mark your answers.” – Trace Blackmore

“Upcoming Event: Industrial Water Week (Oct. 1-5).” – Trace Blackmore

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