Scaling UP! H2O

057 Pinks and Blues

On today’s Pinks and Blues episode we will be answering the following questions:

How do you talk to customers that doesn’t have time to talk to you?

What is the difference of a free and total chlorine?

What are some other things that we can monitor in the system to make sure that our inhibitor is working?



How to talk to customers? [0:01:00]

Building trust/relationship with customer [0:01:31]

Transition Statement [0:03:35]

Understanding schedule [0:04:00]

Podcast suggestions [0:07:28]

Chlorine difference [0:08:00]

Metals in the system [0:013:43]



“I know what to do because my listeners tells me what they want to listen to.” – Trace Blackmore

“Let me know what your questions are, that allows me to continue doing this format.” – Trace Blackmore


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