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096 The One That Helps Introverts

Well, Kermit the Frog said It’s not easy being green, but it’s not easy being introverted either.  It may be hard for the Scaling UP! Nation! to believe, but introducing myself in a crowdedroom doesn’t come naturally for me.  Through the years I have been able to work on a few tricks that I do to help in this situation.  Now I have been doing those tricks for so long, I don’t even think about them.  I find that getting started is the hardest part for me.  Once I get started, I’m OK (and you will be too.)

A family friend of mine, Donna Srader of The Texas Tech University Career Center has written a webinar series on this very issue.  As you will find from this interview, there are many different levels of introversion. And just so you know,  introversion does not mean shy.  Even though many think that it does.  Donna shares so many great tips about going to conferences, you don’t even have to be introverted to use them.  I’m sure you can take several items from my interview with Donna that will help you get out there and meet people.

As an introvert, Donna Srader has excelled in a career that has “clients” come to her! As a lead counselor at the Texas Tech University Career Center, Donna has counseled, advised, and coached countless numbers of students and some alumni through the job search process. In addition, she has advised students through her service in the Texas Tech College of Engineering and Honors College as well as at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is an active member of several professional organizations, including SOACE and the National Career Development Association, although she freely admits that she is working to better her networking skills! Also, if you have read this far, Donna would like you to know that she has singlehandedly prevented the zombie apocalypse. How you ask? By planning for it – planning avoids many problems and minimizes the problems that cannot be avoided!



Learning new things [0:00:37]

Exchange Information [0:01:45]

Assessment Test [0:03:35]

Difference between Introverted and being Shy [0:06:07]

Networking Confessions of an Introvert [0:07:36]

Tips (on remembering names) [0:10:37]

Don’t let that last person down? [0:15:03]

Tips to Make the Most from Networking Events [0:15:46]

Setting Goals [0:20:58]

Networking Event Tips for Introverts [0:26:36]

Walk over yourself [0:31:19]



“Multiply your efforts by working with somebody else” – Trace Blackmore

“Get over being shy so we can all profit from knowing people through networking” – Trace Blackmore

“Planning avoids many problems and minimizes the problems that cannot be avoided!” – Donna Srader

“Every conversation starts with small talk” – Donna Srader

“Practice how to move beyond of the small talk” – Donna Srader

“Connection is so much better than getting fifty (50) business cards” – Donna Srader


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The Introvert’s Guide to Professional Success by Joyce Shelleman 

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