153 The One Where We Answer Your Questions About Legionella

Happy Legionella Awareness Month! Today’s episode wraps up our celebration of expanding our knowledge of Legionella bacteria.    

Our special guests today are all of you from the Scaling UP! Nation!  We posed your questions to industry experts to get the best responses possible.  

legionella expert, trace blackmoreWe hope you learned something new this month. But I hope this encourages you to find out what you don’t know about Legionella. When we know more, we can advise our customers better.  Our customers are the ones that have to make decisions in matters of Legionella. It’s our responsibility to help them make better decisions by being a resource of information to them.  

Key Points  

6:36 – Is there a different disinfection procedure for various forms of Legionella?  

8:48 – Why does it seem that Legionnaire’s Disease is more common in the summer months?  

11:41 – How do we mitigate the risk in hot water systems?  

13:44 – How should buildings that have still not opened after the Covid-19 shutdown prepare their building for the reopening process?  

17:08 – Where is the proper location in a cooling tower to collect a Legionella sample?  

20:30 – How can Legionella get into a system through a drinking water system?  

24:03 – If you have tested positive for Covid-19, are you more susceptible to Legionnaire’s Disease?  

26:47 – What is the best course of action when Legionella is detected in a hospital setting?  

32:14 – What is the advantage of a quick Legionella test?  


“When managing the hazards for domestic water distribution, the first step should always be the development of a water management program to provide a defensible backbone that guides the decisions of the facility’s teams.” -Brian Fisk   

“If we don’t have a plan, we don’t know how to coordinate everyone’s efforts.” – Trace Blackmore  

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