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219 Industrial Water Week 2021: Careers Friday

My name is Trace Blackmore and I’ve had the honor of celebrating Industrial Water Week with you each day this week! Each year that we celebrate Industrial Water Week, it gets better. Today is all about the fact we all have a career in industrial water treatment. Think about all of the jobs you could have had that are not this job, and how lucky are you that you chose a career in industrial water treatment? 

Nation, I hope this job is more than a job to you. I hope you love it, I hope you respect it, I hope you make it better every chance you get. 

As this week wraps up, please consider this: Are you priming the pump for the next generation of water treaters?  And if you are not, consider how rewarding that might be. 

At the end of the day, I think the only thing that matters is our relationships, so how are yours? Are you being mentored by someone in water treatment? Are you mentoring someone in water treatment? 

Take some time this week and thank someone who coached and mentored you along the way as you grew in your career in water treatment. 

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




My water treatment career journey [0:01]

Your career in industrial water treatment is a craft [7:25]

Jim Lauria and Adam Tank share why you must share your career in water treatment story with others [9:00]

James’ Mini Challenge: post a selfie of yourself along with a story about how you got into industrial water treatment and why you would recommend it to others.  [11:00]

Shawn McGrade talks about why he chose water treatment as a career [12:15]

Tom Hardy shares what he learned about what makes a good water treater [16:25]

Doctor H2O [18:13]

Closing out Industrial Water Week with James McDonald [28:05]

Coaching and mentoring to improve our entire industry [30:00]



“Water treatment is a craft, an activity involving  skill.” – Trace Blackmore

“We have the best jobs in the world.” – Trace Blackmore

“I take pride in how I do water treatment.” – Trace Blackmore

“When you tell your story on water, you focus on the global good of water.” – Adam Tank

“How do we pass on our love, our passion, and our knowledge to the next generation of industrial water treatment professionals?” – James McDonald


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