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218 Industrial Water Week 2021: Wastewater Thursday

Today we continue Industrial Water Week 2021 with Wastewater Thursday. Scaling up Nation, if you don’t see how awesome being a water treater is, you are not doing it right. Industrial Water Treaters are superheroes. You are a superhero!

Like many of you, when I started in my career, I couldn’t believe what my clients were throwing out, but once I realized that our clients were paying us so they could  stay open, it shifted my thinking. I came to realize that without the help from industrial water treaters, our clients would be forced to shut down for non-compliance. 

Thank you for observing, measuring, mapping, calculating, testing…retesting, examining, waiting, and serving your clients’ systems so they can keep doing what they need to do. Thank you for being part of the most incredible industry in the world, industrial water treatment!

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




Happy Wastewater Thursday [00:01]

My introduction to gang stirrers [04:48]

Kevin Cope gave us some tips about jar testing [11:20]   

Kevin Cope on bugs [12:56]

Detective H2O [16:00]

James’ Mini Challenge: post a picture of a pin floc separating [25:47]



“It’s not a gangster, it’s a gang stirrer.” – Trace Blackmore

We can add inorganic Polymers to our bloomer phase and we’re not gonna precipitate Zinc with an inorganic Polymer. So you really need to ask the customer: “What am I trying to remove?”, “What are my problems?” those are real issues that are the keys to sending up a correct jar test.”  -Kevin Cope


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