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268 The One With the President of Garratt-Callahan

Jeffrey L Garratt, Jeff Garratt, Garratt Callahan, In today’s episode, I am bringing another seasoned Water Treater from one of the leading Industrial Water Treatment companies in the United States: Jeffrey L. Garratt, the president of the Garratt-Callahan Company.

Jeffrey L. Garratt started working part-time at Garratt-Callahan in 1983, blending, packaging, and shipping formulas. He was then hired full-time in 1986 and serviced customers for 10 years. Jeffrey moved to California in 1996 to work in their Corporate Office after his uncle Bill, then president, retired. In 2001, Jeffrey became the president of Garratt-Callahan, and in 2021, under his leadership, they hit 100 million in sales, which is three times their sales in 1996.

Garratt-Callahan is the largest privately-owned industrial water treatment company in North America, with offices and manufacturing plans across the United States – in California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, and Georgia. It was founded in 1904 by Edward C. Garratt and John Callahan in Seattle, Washington. The company offers an array of services, from extensive research and development facilities to modern analytical laboratories, nationwide production facilities, and advanced technical services. 

In today’s episode, Jeffrey will talk about his almost 40 years of experience in Water Treatment, supply chain issues, price increases, the downside of lowballing, the importance of communication, and making a difference as a Water Treater.

Bottom line: Jeffrey L. Garratt shares timeless advice for professionals in the water treatment industry. 

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




Raising the bar in Water Treatment and events in the industry [01:25]

Thinking On Water With James [07:03]

Introducing Jeffrey Garratt of Garratt-Callahan, the largest privately-owned industrial water treatment company in the USA [09:05]

The history of Garratt-Callahan and working at a multigenerational company [14:47]

Passing the baton to the next generation of water treaters [19:17]

What does the future hold for the Water Treatment Industry? [24:20]

Why everyone should avoid lowballing clients [30:30]

Mentoring and the power of communication [39:45]

What Jeffrey wants all Water Treaters to know [43:10]

Lightning round questions [45:41]


Thinking On Water With James:

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about azoles. I’m talking about benzotriazole and tolyltriazole (don’t forget the second “l” in tolyltriazole). First, why are these azoles used? Why is one used instead of the other at times? What is the impact of oxidizing biocides on each of them, such as sodium hypochlorite? What are the recommended concentrations of benzotriazole and tolyltriazole in a cooling tower or in a closed loop? When might you use a supplemental feed of azole to a system? Take this week to think about benzotriazole and tolyltriazole. 



“If you do a good job as a Water Treater, you take care of the customer, and (if) they know you are working hard, you are not gonna lose the business.” – Jeffrey L. Garratt

“When you lowball, nobody wins.” – Jeffrey L. Garratt 

“It is really important for employees to be recognized. It is important to feel like you are working for something that is making a difference.” – Jeffrey L. Garratt 

“I want to see this industry get better and our reputation going up.” – Jeffrey L. Garratt 

“Make people happy, be a part of making people feel joy in their lives.” – Jeffrey L. Garratt 


Connect with Jeffrey L. Garratt:

Phone: (650) 697-5811 



LinkedIn: company/garratt-callahan-company/ 


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