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283 The One About Successfully Transitioning Into A Leadership Role

Bruce Ketrick, BJ Ketrick, Guardian CSCWhat are the secrets to a successful leadership transition? What do you need to know before you hand over the company you built to someone else in your family, your team, or a competitor? What are some of the most common mistakes that happen in a leadership transition? What is the hardest part of phasing out of leadership? And what is the significance of 57?

Today, Trace Blackmore is interviewing Bruce Ketrick Sr., CEO of Guardian CSC, and Bruce Ketrick Jr. (BJ), President of Guardian CSC about how to successfully transition into a leadership role. 

Bruce Ketrick, BJ Ketrick, Guardian CSCBottom line: By the end of this episode, you’ll know how to handle a leadership transition with ruthless honesty and grace. 

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




Giving Friday and being Thankful with Trace Blackmore [1:01]

Thinking On Water With James [7:26] 

Interview with Bruce Ketrick Sr. and Bruce (BJ) Ketrick Jr. of Guardian CSC [08:50]  

Closing thoughts with Trace [42:40]


Thinking On Water With James: 

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about the mass balance around a closed loop system.  What are all the possible ways water may enter and leave a closed loop system?  How would you know if a closed loop was losing water?  Could a water meter miss small water losses?  Is there more than one makeup water source?  Is the recirculation pump leaking?  Are there process leaks or even water loses due to repairs?  Is water being lost through the pressure relief valve or surge tank?  How much water is lost through sidestream filtration or pot feeder equipment?  Take this week to think about the mass balance around your closed loop system and the impacts this knowledge may have.



“I wanted to pass it down to family. I built the company because I needed to supply an income for my family, and it grew.” – Bruce Ketrick Sr.

“We respect each other.” – Bruce Ketrick Jr.

“The hardest thing to do is to step back; you need to set aside your ego and let someone else run the show.” – Bruce Ketrick Sr.

“Nothing happens without some disagreement.” – Bruce Ketrick Sr.


Connect with Bruce Ketrick Sr.:



LinkedIn, personal: in/bruce-ketrick-94111511

LinkedIn, company: company/guardiancsc


Connect with Bruce Ketrick Jr.:


LinkedIn, personal: in/bruce-ketrick-jr-cwt-9b11189

LinkedIn, company: company/guardiancsc


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