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284 The One About The AWT Convention Experience

Have FOMO because you were unable to attend the 2022 AWT Convention in Vancouver, Canada this year? Get ready for all that guilt and stress to melt away because Trace Blackmore is bringing the Convention experience to you. 

Trace Blackmore brought his microphone to the 2022 AWT Convention in Vancouver, Canada, and recorded the Convention experience so even if you were not able to attend this year, you can hear all about the Convention through the voices and stories of Convention guests. 

Listen as Trace Blackmore interviews AWT Presidents, Attendees, Vendors, Suppliers, Sponsors, Award Recipients, and Business Owners as they describe everything they are experiencing and learning at the 2022 AWT Convention. 

Bottom line: Trace Blackmore brings the AWT Convention experience to podcast listeners. 



Trace Blackmore welcomes you to the latest episode and Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals [01:50]  

Introducing the AWT Convention to podcast listeners [6:17]

Interview with Steve Hallier, AWT President [8:52]

Interview with Janice Shawl, Vice President of Operations; Marketing & Sales Director of AMSA, Inc. [14:00]

Interview with Stephanie Choury, Segment Marketing Specialist at Buckman [15:45]

Interview with Tom Marcone of Walchem, Corporate Vice President of Marketing at Iwaki America Inc.  [17:15]

Interview with Chelsea Farmer, recipient of the 2022 Rising Star Award [19:15]

Interview with Jill Cavano, owner of Scranton Associates [21:50]

Interview with Noah Baskin, AWT President-Elect [26:00]

Thinking On Water With James [30:20]


Thinking On Water With James: 

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about the purpose of the slow and fast rinse of softener regeneration. After the brine draw, why are these two different flowrates of rinse required? Why not just a slow rinse or just a fast rinse? What is being accomplished with each? What is the impact if either step is too long or too short? What is the proper flowrate for each? Can you measure the flowrate? Take this week to think about the purpose of the slow and fast rinse of softener regeneration. 



“We are looking forward to a phenomenal convention in Grand Rapids, MI in 2023. We hit a home run because historically it’s been a great venue.” – Steve Hallier, AWT President

“It is very rewarding to be part of the AWT Committees, it’s been great.” – Steve Hallier, AWT President

“I’m excited that we, as an organization, have been able to get back together. It’s nice seeing each other’s faces and the professional network that we have.”- Stephanie Choury

“The AWT is in great hands.” – Trace Blackmore

“For those of us who attended the 2022 AWT Convention, it was fantastic.” – Trace Blackmore

“James McDonald painstakingly creates a segment on our podcast each and every week because he cares about the Scaling UP! Nation. He cares about the water treatment industry and he cares about our friendship. He wants to make sure that we are all raising the bar one water treater at a time.” – Trace Blackmore


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