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299 The One About Transforming Communities with Clean Drinking Water

For the past few years, the Scaling UP! H2O Podcast has had the humbling opportunity to partner with World Vision to help bring an end to the Global Water Crisis. This year, we are inviting Crystal O’Rourke, Sr. Representative at World Vision, on the show to share how Water Treaters and Water Treatment companies can get involved to bring clean drinking water to the millions of women and children who need it most.

If you’ve ever wondered about the questions below, then this episode will inspire you to join water treaters around the world to end the world water crisis by 2030: 

What does Team World Vision do?

How many people in the world do not have access to close and clean drinking water?

How can someone sponsor a child through Team World Vision?

Why a 6K and not a 5K?

Why the bright orange shirts?

How does World Vision provide clean drinking water for one person for only $50?

How does World Vision work with indigenous leaders and engineers to find the best source of water for those communities facing a water crisis?

How does having access to close and clean drinking water change communities? 

How can I get involved to end the Global Water Crisis by 2030?

Bottom line: Water Treaters are on the front lines of resource management and partnering with World Vision is a great way to solve the Global Water Crisis



Trace Blackmore welcomes you to World Water Day and invites all listeners to join our podcast’s 6K Team [1:15]

Interview with Crystal O’Rourke, Sr. Representative at World Vision, about ways water treaters can help to end the Global Water Crisis [3:20]

Trace invites all water treaters to participate in the Global 6K for Water [30:30]

Periodic Water Table With James McDonald [37:00]



“World Vision focuses on humanitarian work, bringing advocacy for the poor and oppressed, bringing justice and humanitarian affairs, including community development, and even emergency response.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“We help communities by providing needs to the communities by providing supplies, food, water, first aid.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“It is a 6K, not a 5K, because 6K is the average distance women and children have to walk to a water source that is usually diseased and dirty and carries a 50% mortality rate for children under the age of 5.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“Every 6K registration brings a lifetime of clean water for one person.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“Hope, joy, and justice for all children.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“Giving parents, families, and companies an opportunity to teach that we can make a difference.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“The clean water crisis is big, 1 in 10 people are lacking access to close clean drinking water, but we can do something about it. If you and I participate in the Global 6K, we’ve just given 2 more people access to clean drinking water.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“World Vision works in 100 countries.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“With something as little as $50, you can change someone’s life.” – Crystal O’Rourke 

“Not every day do you get to do something big like saving a life.”  – Crystal O’Rourke 


Connect with Crystal O’Rourke 

Phone: (760) 490-4209


LinkedIn: in/crystalnorourke/


Sponsor a Child HERE

Donate or Run with Scaling UP! Nation’s 6K Team HERE

Learn how to set up a 6K Team for your company HERE


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Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

First, what’s the difference between molybdenum and molybdate? Is molybdate an anionic or cathodic corrosion inhibitor? How does it inhibit corrosion? Does molybdate have any similarities to chromate? How do you field test for molybdate? What are the ranges for the tests? How are the test results expressed? What could happen if two different molybdate test results are expressed in two different units? What are common molybdate dosages for both open and closed water systems? Does microbiological activity have any impact on molybdate? Which test and at what level may the presence of molybdate impact testing for iron?


Water Treatment education

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