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337 Bursting Nanobubble Myths

In the bubbly world of water treatment, we’re about to burst some myths and unveil the incredible power of Nanobubbles. Join us as we chat with John Crisman, Senior Water Process Engineer with Moleaer. 

Key Takeaways for Listeners:

Nanobubbles and Water Scarcity: Discover how Moleaer’s groundbreaking Nanobubble technology is revolutionizing water and wastewater treatment, offering unique solutions to the ever-growing problem of water scarcity.

Pandemic’s Impact on Wastewater: Explore the surprising effects of the pandemic, where increased use of disinfectants and surfactants has significantly impacted wastewater treatment processes, potentially leading to unexpected issues.

Toxicity Risk Assessments and the Future of Regulation: Learn about the importance of toxicity assessments and the future of regulations in wastewater treatment. Find out how industries may need to adjust their processes to comply with forthcoming requirements.

Community Outreach: Understand the vital role of community outreach in educating the public about their actions and their effects on wastewater systems. Discover how simple changes in behavior can make a significant difference.

Mitigating Fats, Oils, and Greases: Explore practical tips for both households and industries to reduce the impact of fats, oils, and greases on wastewater systems. Discover how small changes can lead to significant improvements.

Certifications and Education: Gain insights into the importance of pursuing certifications and educational opportunities in the water and wastewater industry to advance your career and contribute to solving pressing water challenges.

Join us for an engaging and enlightening conversation with John Crisman as he shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences in the water treatment field. Be prepared to unlock the secrets of nanobubbles and their potential to revolutionize water treatment as we know it. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening episode that can bring significant value to both your personal and professional life.



01:00 – Host Trace Blackmore thanks listeners for helping us get to our global ranking of the top 3% of all podcasts 

07:00 –  Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

09:15 – Periodic Water Table With James McDonald 

11:00 – Interview with John Crisman, Senior Water Process Engineer with Moleaer about Nanobubble technology 

38:00 – Closing thoughts with Trace



“Nanobubbles have a unique property, different from micro and macro bubbles. They attract certain chemicals like oils, surfactants, fats, and grease. When these tiny bubbles burst, they release the energy that breaks apart these complex compounds.” – John Crisman

“Our company and our technology actually work to partially oxidize these types of chemicals before they get to the biological process, breaking them down to a level where they’re no longer toxic and instead, they’re actually food for the biological process.” –   John Crisman

“With water scarcity we have to deal with these chemicals and not just dilute them. The increased concentrations of waste is going up in industrial facilities as they recycle more of their own water and use less. So really, we have to come up with a solution.”  – John Crisman

“ Bring in your community. Bring them into your  waste water treatment plant to see what’s going on and partner with them to reduce surfactants.” – John Crisman


Connect with John Crisman

Phone: 805.286.6905



LinkedIn: in/john-crisman-31b35b46



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Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

The molecular formula for magnesium hydroxide is Mg(OH)2. That’s one magnesium atom and two oxygen-hydrogen or hydroxyl groups. How does this compare to sodium hydroxide? In what form is magnesium hydroxide available? What color is it? How do you get magnesium hydroxide into solution?  How much mixing does it need?  What are its uses in industrial water treatment?  Why would one use magnesium hydroxide over sodium hydroxide, lime, or other similar chemistries?   


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