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065 Pinks and Blues

On today’s Pinks and Blues episode we will be answering the following questions:

What should I do to go about taking the CWT examination?

What is the difference from Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine and Total Chlorine? And when would you use each of them?

How do I get a Scaling UP! Shirt?

Action list to taking the exam 

    • Decide you will take it.
    • Set a date.
    • Create a plan working backwards from that date.

– How/what will you study

– How will you confirm your knowledge?

– Who will you work with (accountable)

– What is your reward to yourself when you get it?

Schedule the exam (Pearson Yue)

– This way you can’t back out

Look at when you can come to training (refresher).

Take the tutorial at home (How to use the exam).

Reward yourself!



CWT Challenge [0:02:04]

CWT Tips [0:04:51]

Action List [0:07:46]

Difference between Chlorine [0:13:43]

How to get the Scaling UP! T-Shirt [0:18:18]



“Go to Scaling UP! H2O and leave me a voicemail message with your question. And if I use your question, then I will send you the Scaling UP! T-shirt.” – Trace Blackmore

“It is the end of the year and everyone in the Industrial Water Industry should be certified.” – Trace Blackmore

“AWT is no longer offering the CWT examination after the AWT Training courses.” – Trace Blackmore


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