Scaling UP! H2O

084 Pinks and Blues: pH

Everybody uses pH but very few truly understand what it is.  Moreover, the people that are brave enough to ask, “What is pH?” hardly ever get an answer that is helpful. 

No promises, but I am going to do my best to explain pH in a way that is not only helpful but useful.   

Requirement:  You must visualize what I am saying during the podcast.

Please enjoy my explanation of pH. 




Show Ideas [0:01:16]

Why behind the Q’s [0:02:12]

Explaining pH [0:03:07]

Visualizing pH [0:05:19]

Pressing pH on your meter [0:11:02]



“One of the 5 ingredients of scale is pH.” – Trace Blackmore

“As we increase the pH, the more susceptible to scaling we become. As we reduce pH, the more susceptible dissolving scale the water becomes.” – Trace Blackmore


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