104 The One on Generational Diversity

104 The One on Generational Diversity

Episode 104: Show Notes

Never before have we had 4 generations working together in the same workplace.  So, it just stands to reason that we would have issues in dealing with multiple generations working together (in that same workplace) that we have never had to deal with before.   

Today’s guest is Jeff Butler.  Jeff is an expert when it comes to understanding the generations.  He uses his expertise to help the Scaling UP! Nation understand what the generations are and how we can work better together.  He especially goes into understanding Millennials better from their mindset. 

Join me as I find out more about understanding the different generations. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Different Generations [0:07:04]
  • Generation X [0:09:29]
  • Multi-Generation Common Issues [0:15:02]
  • Outdated [0:19:03]
  • EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) [0:26:06]
  • Motivate the Millennial [0:29:02]
  • Power of Social Media [0:34:27]
  • And a lot more!


“All across the levels in the workplace, authenticity was being sort of a catalyst that people were jumping towards us.” @iamjeffbutler @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneonGenerationalDiversity  #GenerationalDiversity #Millennials #ScalingUPto100

“Stop being worried about the “HOW” and look more at the “WHAT” is being done.” If the “WHAT” is great, the task is actually being done, that’s fantastic.”  @iamjeffbutler @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneonGenerationalDiversity  #GenerationalDiversity #Millennials #ScalingUPto100

Links Mentioned on this episode:

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Never Die Easy: The Autobiography of Walter Payton

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