Scaling UP! H2O

105 The Other One That’s All About Scale

A few weeks back I did episode 98 on the podcast. Truth be told, this is such a complex topic, one episode is not enough.  I continue that conversation today.  Learn more about one of the most difficult things for us to deal with in our job. 


Calcium Carbonate [01:10]

Learn More in Scaling UP! Episodes [04:05]

Total Dissolved Solids [04:46]

Sweet Tea [10:52]

Concentration Ratio [15:36]

Threshold Inhibition [21:14]

Crystal Modification [22:06]

Dispersion [23:06]

Tips from Trace [33:57]



“The solution to pollution is dilution.” – Trace Blackmore

“Make sure you understand what you are doing, because if you do not, the result could be disastrous.” – Trace Blackmore


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