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124 The One That’s all about the International Water Conference

Nation!, you know I talk a lot about the Association of Water Technologies, AWT. However, there are so many water-related organizations out there. I wanted to share some other ones with you.  

Today we are speaking with Jim Summerfield and Jay Harwood, who volunteers with The International Water Conference, IWC. I ask them all the questions I thought you would want to know about the IWC!  

The IWC is holding its annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, November 8 -12, 2020. Their show is larger than the AWT and organized differently. If you haven’t seen how papers are submitted, it is worth going just for that. They are currently accepting abstracts for papers at their upcoming conference. So, if you are interested in that, go to The deadline for papers is March 6, 2020.  

I would encourage you to take a look at different water-related organizations you can join to broaden your perspectives. You never know what you don’t know. Being active in organizations exposes you to new people and new ideas. Being an active member helps raise the tide in the entire water treatment community. Please enjoy my interview with Jim and Jay. 



Radical Polymers [00:12]

AWT Technical Training Schedule [01:40]

What is IWC? [0:07:13]

How To Join The Organization? [13:05]

Volunteering Experience [19:35]

Why You Need To Attend IWC? [28:02]

What is PFAS? [34:30]

2021 Conference [38:16]

One Thing To Know About IWC [42:26]



“We’re all trying to make money, but at the same time, we have a passion for doing what we do.” 

“We want to educate people more about the conference. For example, the papers are a big hook. As an attendee, it’s great because you get to learn more.” 

“It is not just about holding a membership card that will do nothing for you. You have to get involved in those organizations, and by giving yourself to those organizations, you will get back ten-fold.” 


Connect with Jay Harwood:

LinkedIn: in/jayharwood


Connect with Jim Summerfield:

LinkedIn: in/jim-summerfield-75852646


Links Mentioned:

AWT Business Owners Meeting 

International Water Conference Website


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