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287 The One About How To Create Aligned Employee Engagement

Reid Hutchison, HOH WaterEveryone is looking for new ways to increase employee engagement and employee retention, which is why we brought back podcast guest Reid Hutchison of HOH Water Technology in Palatine, IL to talk about the best ways he has found to entice Millennials and Gen Zs to his company.

What is your company known for? What reputation does your company have in the professional sphere? Why does top talent opt to apply to your company or remain at your company?

If you are looking for the secret sauce to entice the next generation of water professionals to your company, then this episode is for you.

Bottom line: Reid Hutchison is going to share how companies that give back create better employee engagement.



Merry Christmas and Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals [1:01]

Thinking On Water With James [08:13] 

Interview with Reid Hutchison of HOH Water about his involvement with AWT [10:00]  

Why everyone needs to consider joining The Rising Tide Mastermind [22:00]

Inspire employee engagement and solve the Global Water Crisis with The Global 6K [32:00]


Thinking On Water With James: 

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about something a little different. We’re thinking about Santa Claus and all the gifts he brings. Assuming you have been a good industrial water treatment professional if Santa Claus could leave you a new piece of water-testing equipment in your stocking, what would it be? Would it be a replacement for something you already have? Would it be something you’ve always wanted, instead? If either of these, why haven’t you already replaced it or why haven’t you already gotten it? Could you make it a goal to get it in the new year? What if Santa Claus could bring you a piece of water-testing equipment that doesn’t even exist yet? What would that be? Take this week to think about what you carry around for water testing every day and how you might just be your own Santa Claus this year. 



“It’s a challenge, for all of us collectively, to continue to attract talented people.” – Reid Hutchison

“I would love to be a part of a company that makes a difference, to be a part of an industry that makes a difference in the world.” – Reid Hutchison

“Ending the global water crisis is a team effort.” – Reid Hutchison

“It costs about $50 to deliver water to one person.” – Reid Hutchison

“I am always looking to learn and improve.” – Reid Hutchison

“By 2030, it is possible that the global water crisis will be solved or ended. The only way to reach that goal is to mobilize more people to engage in the effort to help millions of people.” – Reid Hutchison


Connect with Reid Hutchison:

Email: ​​


LinkedIn: in/reid-h-3a329431

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Links Mentioned: 

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