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335 Pinks and Blues: Enhanced Chiller Tubes

Welcome to Scaling Up H2O, the podcast that empowers water treatment professionals like you to level up their knowledge and systems. I’m your host, Trace Blackmore, and in this educational “Pinks and Blues” episode, we’re unraveling the fascinating world of Enhanced Chiller Tubes.

The Basics
Enhanced Chiller Tubes are engineered marvels, designed to turbocharge heat transfer while keeping fouling at bay. Think of them as elite athletes for your chiller system, ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

Unveiling the Benefits
Discover how Enhanced Chiller Tubes can supercharge chiller efficiency, leading to energy savings, reduced downtime, and enhanced reliability. We’ll explain how they make your clients happier and your bottom line healthier.

Exploring Types
Explore the diverse universe of Enhanced Chiller Tubes, including microfin, rifled, low-finned tubes, and more. Learn how each type offers distinct advantages tailored to different applications.

Challenges and Considerations
We’ll address potential challenges, such as increased pressure drop and fouling concerns, providing insights on how to mitigate these issues for optimal performance.

Maintaining Enhanced Chiller Tubes is crucial for sustained efficiency. We’ll discuss cleaning methods, surfactants, dispersants, and other strategies to keep your system in top shape.

Success Stories
Discover real-world success stories where Enhanced Chiller Tubes transformed heat exchanger efficiency, leading to smaller footprints and impressive results.

The Future
Peek into the future of Enhanced Chiller Tubes, where nanotechnology and innovative coatings promise even greater efficiency gains. The future is bright, and we’re ready to push boundaries.

Join us on this enlightening journey to scale up your knowledge and keep your water treatment systems at their peak performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise in industrial water treatment!



[01:00] Upcoming Events for Water Treatment Professionals 

[10:00] Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

[12:00] Answering Listener questions about Enhanced Tubes

      • Understanding Enhanced Chiller Tubes
      • Benefits of Enhanced Chiller Tubes
      • Types of Enhanced Chiller Tubes
      • Challenges and Considerations
      • Maintenance
      • Industry Success Stories
      • The Future of Enhanced Chiller Tubes

[44:30]  Closing thoughts


“Enhanced Chiller Tubes deliver a colossal boost to chiller efficiency, which translates into undeniable energy savings and a substantially elongated operational lifespan.” – Trace Blackmore
“The diversity within the world of enhanced chiller tubes is truly a sight to behold. We’ve got microfin, rifled, and even low-finned tubes, each boasting their own unique characteristics and advantages. These tubes aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, my friends.” – Trace Blackmore

“Every triumph has its trials, and enhanced chiller tubes are no exception. While they bring forth a plethora of perks, it’s crucial to remain cognizant of potential downsides, such as an uptick in pressure drop or a susceptibility to erosion.” – Trace Blackmore

“From cutting-edge nanotechnology to innovative coatings, the horizon holds tantalizing prospects that could potentially catapult chiller efficiency to even loftier heights. The future is bright, water treaters, and it’s beckoning us to push the boundaries of what’s possible.” – Trace Blackmore

“Our job is all about the management of efficient heat transfer. It’s because we are heat transfer efficiency managers and we want to keep the surfaces clean. Why? Because clean surfaces allow us to efficiently take heat from wherever we are taking it from and pass it all the way down the line.” – Trace Blackmore


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Periodic Water Table With James McDonald

What is polyacrylate? What is it used for? What is a typical molecular weight range for polyacrylate? Is it any good at inhibiting calcium carbonate scale? What about calcium sulfate? What about iron? At what concentrations is polyacrylate typically applied? Does the molecular weight of polyacrylate impact the method in which it inhibits scale formation? What is the chemical formula for the basic monomer in polyacrylate?


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