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075 The One that’s All About Corrosion Coupons

If you are an industrial water treater, most likely you have seen a corrosion coupon at some point.  However, if you haven’t, today’s episode will teach you all about them. I remember a time when I placed an ad for my corrosion coupon lab in an industry magazine. After we created the layout for the ad, the sales rep called me to tell me I forgot the “coupon” in my graphic. The graphic I created featured 3 corrosion coupons. He wanted to know what discount (coupon) I was going to offer people who used my corrosion coupon lab. I thought that was funny. It also gave me the prospective that corrosion coupons tell you how much metal is being taken off of the system.  Finding this information out quickly can save you a ton of money on your heat transfer equipment.  So maybe the sales rep was on to something. 

Corrosion coupons are very inexpensive ways that you can measure metal lose in a system you are treating for corrosion protection. Because they are inexpensive and easy to use, you can use them to pro-activity make a change in your program based on their results. In my career, I have analyzed 1000’s of corrosion coupons. Do anything enough, and you get pretty good at it.  Scaling UP! H2O has received a large amount of questions around corrosion coupons. I normally answer a few questions from the audience on Pinks and Blues episodes. Since there were so many corrosion coupon questions, I decided to make it an entire show on everything you ever wanted to know about corrosion coupons.  Join me as I talk about corrosion coupons from A(l) to Z(n). 



What’s Corrosion Coupons? [0:01:01]

Corrosion Coupons Analysis [0:02:35]

Types of Corrosion Coupons [0:07:40]

Corrosion Coupons Standards [0:12:35]

Guidelines [0:30:55]

Analysis [0:31:16]



“Enjoy our SPECIAL Corrosion Coupons Pinks & Blues.” – Trace Blackmore

“9 times out of 10, installations issues are what I see when Corrosion Coupons data does not come back properly.” – Trace Blackmore

“Corrosion Coupons are going to help you be a better water treater because you’re going to have the data about that system.” – Trace Blackmore


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