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087 The One That Takes You to AWT’s 2019 Technical Training


Legionella Awareness Month, LegionellaScaling UP! Nation! you know my favorite time of year is when I get to teach at The Association of Water Technologies Technical Training Seminars. Not only do I get to talk about my favorite topic, I get to teach it! But the best part is I get to talk to other water treaters!

Being the gracious host that I am, I decided that I had to share this experience with the Nation! Join me as I talk with Attendees and Trainers of the AWT 2019 Technical Training Seminars.



AWT Technical Training [2:11]

Comments from attendees [3:36]

How to decide on which class to attend to? [3:54]

Best of Fundamental Applications [8:55]

4 Equipment manufacturers [10:30]

Boiler Controllers [13:20]

Cooling Water Systems [18:41]

Tooth Analogy [19:24]

Agastopia [23:48]

Waste Water [30:28]

Legionella [30:27]

Sales Training [45:25]



“Technical Trainings: Study before you go!” – Trace Blackmore

“There’s always new stuff, new information coming out” – Kyle Rossi  

“AWT is the BEST resource to further your knowledge in the water industry.” – Kyle Rossi  

“When you come to training, have a few goals. And get those goals accomplished and when you go back, take back something and teach some other people.” – Mark Lewis

“When you leave here, you know what to expect, you know what’s out there, you know how you’re gonna be spoken about, and you can do a better job.” – Mark Lewis

“There is always a bright spot.” – Jim Lukanich

“Everybody that came to the AWT Technical Training walked away with knowledge and confidence!” – Justin Ranger

“Start learning about Legionella now because if you don’t other will and we need to keep our business safe!” – Bill Pearson

Come to AWT Technical Training. It’s educational and it’s a great networking experience.” – Angela Pike

“I think coming to the AWT Technical Training is great because you learn things and then later on look back on it. And might skip the “Making the mistakes” part.” -Tanner Mark 

“AWT Seminar is a great unbiased training/learning format for us to learn.” – John Wedell

“As a business owner, we set funds back for training and education. And if you aren’t doing that, you aren’t moving forward.” – John Wedell

“Beyond the piece of learning educational classes, it’s the networking and feeling a part of this larger industry and not just the little island that is your territory.” – Conor Parrish

“You have got to keep learning, you have to keep up with technology, and what’s coming up in the industry.” – Russell Baskin

“Going to these Technical Training seminars is like drinking from a fire hose.If you go with the intention to try and capture every bit of water out of that fire hose then you are not set up for success!” – Trace Blackmore


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Connect with our Podcast Guests:

Russell Baskin of Tower Water Management

Conor Parrish of FCT Water Treatment

Kyle Rossi of Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc.

Mark Lewis of Southeastern Laboratories

Jim Lukanich of Applied Technologies

Justin Ranger of CH2O, Inc.

Bill Pearson of BPEARSON Consulting LLC

Angela Pike of Management Solutions Plus

John Weddle of Technical Resources Group


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