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215 Industrial Water Week 2021: Pretreatment Monday

The time has come, we are kicking off Industrial Water Week 2021 with Pretreatment Monday! 

Join us every day this week as we bring you a new podcast episode and a new
mini-challenge from the man who started this holiday for us, James McDonald

Don’t forget to post your daily mini-challenge photos by tagging them with #IndustrialWaterWeek or #IWW21.

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




Industrial Water Week celebration kicks off [0:01]

James McDonald’s Industrial Water Week Welcome [2:08]

Pretreatment tips [6:30]

Interviewing James McDonald at the AWT conference [10:33]

Pretreatment Jeopardy Questions [12:58]

Detective H2O [15:40]

James’ mini-challenge: post a picture online of a softener valve assembly or RO membrane housings [26:41]



“It’s every industrial water treater’s favorite holiday, Industrial Water Week 2021!” -Trace Blackmore

“Industrial Water Week is about YOU working in this noble profession.” – James McDonald

“Use this is an opportunity to share themselves and share what they can do for your clients.”  – James McDonald

“This holiday is awesome because it is OUR holiday!”  -Trace Blackmore


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