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242 The One About What To Do When Dip Slides Don’t Work

Landon Markes,Fluid Maintenance Solutions LLC, Legionella Awareness Month, LegionellaI met my lab partner today a couple of years ago at an AWT panel of Young Professionals in the water industry, and I was impressed with the things he does and how he has engineered solutions to problems that many water treaters face. A few years later, he now has his own company that provides bacteria testing, test kits, buffers, and digital refractometers. I’m proud to introduce to you Landon Markes, owner of Fluid Maintenance Solutions LLC. 

Before making his way to the water treatment industry, Landon worked for a decade in sales in industries such as metalworking and food processing. In 2020, he started his own company called Fluid Maintenance Solutions LLC. Fun fact, Landon actually went to school to become a teacher!

Several episodes ago, I did a Pinks and Blues about Dip Slides. Today, Landon is going to share EVEN more information about Dip Slides, including a new space-saving and reliable alternative to Dip Slides… because water treaters never run out of things to talk about when it comes to Dip Slides.


Bottom line: Landon Markes is going to share what you need to know about Dip Slides and their alternatives. 

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 



Plate Counts:



Stories from Scaling UP Nation [1:50]

Introducing Landon Markes [11:44]

Owning a business: What’s it really like? [15:16]

When Dip Slides don’t work [18:47]

An alternative to Dip Slides [20:16]

Incubating your Dip Slides correctly [26:40]

Why Dip Slides should not be used to test Legionella [30:30]

Thinking On Water With James [32:53]


Thinking On Water With James:

In this week’s episode, we’re thinking about how much water flashes off a hot water sample from a boiler. Ideally, a sample cooler would be used to collect a boiler water sample, but why? What is lost as the hot water sample changes from the pressure of the boiler to atmospheric pressure? How much water is actually flashing off and is it enough to affect your test results? Is there anything else flashing off the sample besides water? What are the safety concerns? Take this week to think about the impact of taking a hot water sample from a boiler versus a cooled sample. 



“Owning your own business can be absolutely terrifying.” – Landon Markes

“I started my company because I found a niche market.”  – Landon Markes

“Don’t keep your Dip Slides in the fridge, keep them at room temperature.”   – Landon Markes

“Dip Slides are fantastic when they work. When they don’t work, things can go wrong.” –  Landon Markes

“Incubate your Dip Slides. The 48 hours that a Dip Slide takes to have growth is based on incubation.” – Landon Markes

“If it’s completely saturated with bacteria, that’s data. Make decisions based on what the data is.” – Landon Markes


Connect with Landon Markes:

Phone: (405) 612 7869


LinkedIn: in/landon-markes-a0550272



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