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Can you believe it, I can’t!  This is Scaling UP! H2O’s 100th episode!  If you are a listener of the show, you have heard my voice 100 times.  Unbelievable 

Hosting this podcast has become a passion of mine.  Several years ago, I didn’t even know what a podcast was, now I’m celebrating 100 episodes of having a podcast.  During the past 100 episodes, I have learned a great deal about several things.

On this episode we are going to celebrate not only what was done over the last 100 episodes, but what we learned, like these: 

The importance of having community in our industry?

I don’t think I can take credit for it, but I have seen a shift in how water treaters reach out to fellow water treaters.  Before the show, I didn’t think crossing company lines was a common practice.  But since the show started, I have had several individuals let me know that they have befriended other water treaters and they have both benefited from the new relationship. The podcast gave creation to The Scaling UP! Nation!  The Scaling UP! Nation! has become the community for industrial water treaters, and I think that is amazing.  I am humbled to be the tribe leader of our Nation!

Other people think there is a need for the podcast: 

When I started on 4/4/2017, I would have been happy if my company’s team would have listened to the show.  To date we are over 10,000 listeners in over 64 countries and growing every day.  If this show didn’t fill a need, we wouldn’t have numbers like that.  GO Scaling UP! Nation! 

It’s all about the guests: 

This podcast was the first experience I had interviewing someone, outside of a job opportunity.  I learned how others in the podcast community conducted interviews and morphed it to my own style.  Interviewing was something I used to fear, now I find it very enjoyable.  I have learned so much.  Not just how to interview, but on a multitude of topics like how to be a better listener.  Additionally, our guests have been fantastic, not only are they knowledgeable, that are at the top in their field.  Thank you to all of our guests! 

The list goes on but suffice it to say, I have experienced so many wonderful things in the past 100 episodes. 

Thank you for being a listener of Scaling UP! H2O.  I truly wouldn’t have been able to get to 100 without you!

Please enjoy this 100th episode.  I know I enjoyed bringing it to you and look forward to the next 100!



Our humble beginning [02:05]

Significance of 4-4-2017 [04:08]

Trace’s Favorite Story [05:50]

Mark Lewis [07:25]

Why Scaling UP! H2O? [09:11]

Our Listeners a.k.a Scaling UP! Nation [10:38]

Message from Charlie Cichetti [18:25]

Message from Kevin Cope [22:43]

Message from Michelle Farmerie [26:43]

Message from Conor Parrish [29:56]

James McDonald (Our Biggest Fan) [34:03]

What’s Coming Up? [39:53]

Question from Listeners [40:52]

How A Podcast Is Produced? [46:13]



“If you ever get information from somebody, and it could be critical, it could even sound like somebody is being judgmental about you– take a deep breath and listen to what they are saying” – Trace Blackmore

“If you’re gonna be in the industry, why not be the best and then prove to others that you’ve achieved that.” – Trace Blackmore

“Joining associations like the AWT will help you become a better water treater.” – Trace Blackmore

“I want this podcast to be a catalyst that makes us all make the water industry better!” – Trace Blackmore

Congratulations! I know your serving your industry here because you have a big heart to share your expertise to bring in guests not just within this industry but related to this industry. And even those that are just business and encouraging, and pro tips. And I really like the variety of guests you have.” – Charlie Cichetti

“Great service to the AWT and to the water treatment industry!” Kevin

“This podcast has been one of the BEST things that has ever happened to this industry! – Michelle Lunn

“Congratulations on hitting your 100th episode. I knew you’ be successful but the scale of what you hit is truly incredible. A global audience, turning out contents it’s just been great and on the plus side. You’ve made my windshield time significantly better.” – Conor Parrish 

“Your FREE podcast has provided regular ideas of solid industrial water topics, drop by drop!” – James McDonald


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Books Mentioned:

Drop by Drop: Articles on Industrial Water Treatment by James McDonald


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